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What is this?

With COVID-19 keeping November Project SF from meeting up in person, we wanted a way for the community to come together and challenge each other to get outside and move. One thing San Francisco has a lot of is hills. Beautiful hills and stairs with beautiful views and neighborhoods with character. Why not see them all?!

Introducing the SF Hill Climb Challenge hosted by NPSF! A challenge to visit all the hills we love and normally visit for our Friday workouts but now you can do them all on your own. We'll even throw in some awesome new ones that we could never do with too many people but now you can experience all their glory!

This challenge will start in Feburary and go through the end of March, Feb 1 - Mar 31. There will be four teams named after your four fearless leaders: Ali, Collin, Shardul, and Tony. You'll be randomly assigned to one of these teams when you submit your first hill and that will be your team for the entirety of the challenge.

There will be prizes! When the challenge ends there will be prizes for the following categories:

  • The Grand Slam: For anyone who completes all the hills. This is a tough one and we want to reward you.
  • The Billy Goat: This is for that special someone who has the most vertical feet for the whole competion.
  • The Local Bad Ass: Whoever has the most repetitions for a particular hill will be deemed the Local Bad Ass of that hill.
  • The Winning Team: Whichever team wins most vert climbed will coordinate with their NPSF co-leader to pick a comedic penalty or activity that the losing NPSF co-leaders will have to do. In a previous competition, Laura and Paddy had to dance out "A Whole New World" in full Aladain and Jasmin garb.

How it works

All you have to do is climb hills and submit your hill climbs below! Simple right? Well here's some more detail in case you're curious:

  • You can submit as many climbs as you want. Get out there!
  • You can submit as many climbs of the same hill as you want. Total reps of that hill will be counted.
  • Climb the hill anyway you want as long as it's body powered. Run, walk, bike (non-motor), roller blade, hop, hand stand, etc.
  • All attempts of the hills have to be done between Feburary and March
  • When you submit your first hill, you'll be assigned a team. The team assignments are simply rotating to give fairness. The Teams will be named after the four co-leaders of November Project SF.
  • Many of the hills we have in parks have multiple ways up and down. You don't have to follow our GPS lines perfectly. Anyway up counts as a repetition.
  • Share an activity link when you submit if you have one. We're probably not going to verify your hills. We trust you. Don't break that trust.
  • Hit us up on Social Media to let us know what you think and how it's going! Use the hashtag #SFHillClimbChallenge and #NPSF. Instagram: @novemberprojectsf, Facebook: @NovemberProjectSF, Twitter: @Nov_Project_SF. Also join our Strava Club so we can see your runs.
  • Carry a mask/buff with you at all times. It’s common courtesy to pull your mask up as you encounter people on your run. We’re all in this together. Let’s protect each other.

The Hills

Name Description Length Vert


Team Vert

Individual Vert

Name Team Vert

Local Badass

Hill Name Team Reps

Grand Slam

Name Team Hills


Ali Collin Shardul Tony